Paget's Disease - Investigations Explained

Investigations that may be carried out in relation to Paget’s disease

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Paget's Disease - The Facts

Useful information regarding Paget's disease which may answer some of the questions you may have

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Paget's Disease and Pain

Understand pain in relation to Paget’s disease and how it might be managed

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Paget's Jargon Buster

Understand the language that might be used in relation to your care and treatment

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Paget's News Magazine - Issue 199 - August 2023

Read the August 2023 issue of Paget's News to discover the Association's 50 Year Anniversary, learn about our new Centres of Excellence and hear from George about his ex…

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Paget's News Magazine - Issue 200 - November 2023

In the November issue of Paget's News, learn about new research and educational projects funded by the Association, bust the myths around Paget’s disease, find out about 2024…

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Paget's News Magazine - Issue 201 - March 2024

Groundbreaking results give hope on International Paget’s Awareness Day. Diane, Hope, Susan and William all share their stories

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Paget's information events

(Watch time: 3 min) This highlights how useful our information events are for those affected by Paget’s disease to be able to meet experts and ask questions.


Paget’s disease and orthopaedic surgery

In certain instances, individuals affected by Paget’s disease may find it necessary to see an orthopaedic surgeon.

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A Family Legacy - Sir Julian Paget

Sir James Paget was a British surgeon and pathologist who studied Paget’s disease extensively. His great grandson, the late Sir Julian Paget was a Patron of the Paget’s Associatio…

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A personal story plus questions and answers

(Watch time: 26 min) Having lived with Paget’s disease for some years and suffered complications, Keith explained the difficulties he encountered when he needed a hip replacement.


Allan's story

(Watch time: 7 min) Allan describes how Paget’s disease stopped him from dancing, but following successful treatment, he found himself able to return to the dance floor.

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