Italy - An interview with Dr Daniela Merlotti

(Watch time: 10 min) Dr Tori Herridge interviews Dr Daniela Merlotti to discuss how Paget's disease affects people in Italy. Find out how volcano eruptions might be related!


Making sense of treatment

(Watch time: 29 min) Dr Peter Prinsloo discussed treatment for Paget's disease at a Paget’s Information Event in Nottingham.


Members and experts get together

(Watch time: 2 min) Our Paget's information event in Newcastle upon Tyne was a chance for patients to meet experts. Keith was there; he has Paget’s in 11 places.


Mickey's experience

(Watch time: 9 min) After suffering from pain Mickey found treatment really helped and from Canada, she joined one of the Association’s Virtual Support Groups.


My experience of Paget's disease with Recardo Patrick

(Watch time: 9 min) Entertainer, businessman and Patron of the Paget's Association, Mr Recardo Patrick, is interviewed by Prof Stuart Ralston regarding his experience.


Orthopaedic surgery for those with Paget’s disease

(Watch time: 24 min) Prof Mark Wilkinson discussed orthopaedic surgery at one of our information events.


Osteoarthritis and Paget’s disease

(Watch time: 24 min) Dr Fraser Birrell discusses osteoarthritis which is a common problem for those with Paget's disease.


Paget's Awareness Day 2021 - The Treatment Story - Introduction

(Watch time: 1 min) An introduction to The Treatment Story series created for Paget's Awareness Day 2021, from our Chair, Prof Stuart Ralston.


Paget's Awareness Day 2023 - Introduction

(Watch time: 1 min) In this short video, Professor Stuart Ralston introduces Paget’s Awareness Day 2023: Personal Experiences and 50 Years of the Paget's Association.


Paget's Disease - Essential Facts

A short summary of essential facts about Paget's Disease of Bone

PDF 341.3kb


Paget's Disease - Information for Professionals

Case studies, diagnosis, management and more can be found in this booklet for all healthcare professionals caring for those affected by the condition

PDF 1.3mb


Paget's News Magazine - Issue 193 - February 2022

Read the February 2022 issue of Paget's News to learn about Paget's around the world, worldwide Virtual Support Groups, support for those newly diagnosed and our informa…

PDF 7.4mb

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