Brazil - An interview with Dr Luiz Griz​

(Watch time: 8 min) Paget's disease is discussed by Dr Luiz Griz and Dr Tori Herridge. In Brazil, most cases reported are from Recife.


Canada - An interview with Dr Laëtitia Michou

(Watch time: 10 min) Dr Laëtitia Michou explains how Quebec has the highest number of Paget's cases in Canada, with genetic and environmental factors playing a role.


Clinical Guideline - Full

The full clinical guideline for the Diagnosis and management of Paget's Disease of Bone in Adults

PDF 2.8mb


Clinical Guideline - Summary

A clinical Guideline, for the Diagnosis and Management of Paget’s Disease of Bone in Adults, which assists health professionals to consider the evidence and discuss options with t…

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Diana explains how the Association provides support today

(Watch time: 9 min) Diana Wilkinson, Specialist Paget’s Nurse and Director of Education, explains the ways the Association offers information and support.


Dr Claire Clarkin

(Watch time: 8 min) Warmth can sometimes be felt around the area of Paget’s disease. Dr Clarkin explains why and how research is looking closely at blood vessels.



As a small charity, we rely on donations to continue our valuable work. Discover ways you can get involved

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Groundbreaking results pave the way for genetic testing

(Watch time: 8 min) The results of the Zoledronate in the Prevention of Paget’s disease (ZiPP) research will change clinical practice and pave the way for genetic testing.


How Paget's disease got its name and more

(Watch time: 20 min) Sir Henry Paget gives a fascinating talk regarding his family and Prof Roger Francis speaks about the surgeon and pathologist, Sir James Paget.


How the Paget's Association began

It was Ann Stansfield's remarkable work that led to the founding of the Paget's Association. Her unwavering determination and persistence provided crucial support to man…

PDF 124.9kb


How to avoid falls

(Watch time: 15 min) Those affected by Paget’s disease may be fearful of breaking a bone. Dr James Frith provides valuable advice on how falls can be avoided.


India - An interview with with Professor Thomas Paul

(Watch time: 12 min) Prof Thomas Paul explains how Paget's disease in India affects the population, the positive experience he has had when treating patients.

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