Pain associated with Paget’s

Not all people who have Paget’s Disease of Bone experience pain. It is, however, the commonest presenting symptom. It is important to define the cause of pain so that the correct treatment can be given.  

Who can help?

To find the best treatments for you, it is often necessary to try various options and see whether they help. Don't be frightened to ask for help when you need it. Many professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, can all provide information and support. In the case of severe, persistent pain, it may be necessary to consider the specialist services provided by a pain management team in a pain clinic. 

When you see a healthcare professional about your pain, they will need to piece together a picture of your pain, how it is linked with other medical problems that you might have and how it affects you as a person. Keeping a pain diary can be useful to see whether it reveals patterns in intensity or anything that makes the pain better or worse. It can also ensure that you are using your painkillers most effectively. You may also have questions, therefore, make a list to put to your healthcare professionals.

Causes of pain in Paget's disease

A close look at the causes of pain in Paget's disease

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Medication for pain

Medication that can help ease pain in Paget's disease

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When might surgery be used ?

Successful surgical management of complications can reduce pain

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Drug free help with pain

Drug free methods to help ease pain

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Contact the Paget's Nurse Helpline for information and support on all aspects of Paget’s disease

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