Apply to become a Centre of Excellence

The Paget’s Association's Centre of Excellence Award recognises hospital (NHS) and university departments which demonstrate excellence in both the treatment of Paget’s Disease of Bone and research into the condition.

The Trustees of the Paget’s Association are inviting applications from hospital and university departments to create further Centres of Excellence in Paget’s disease, particularly in areas of the UK not currently covered. 

The Trustees wish to use this initiative to raise the profile and awareness of Paget’s disease and to ensure optimal management of patients and provision of services to patients and their carers. They also wish to continue to meet the mission of the charity by encouraging education and research in Paget’s disease. Any additional Centres of Excellence in Paget’s disease will be geographically based within the UK. Each Centre would have an identifiable leader designated as Centre Director (similar to PI, Principal Investigator on grant applications). In most cases, this would be a clinician, but having a scientist as co-Director would be an attractive option where appropriate. Involvement of colleagues within the same geographical region in a “hub and spoke” arrangement is encouraged where feasible. 

The centres that have been recognised as Centres of Excellence by the Paget’s Association can be found here.


Professionals interested in applying for Centre of Excellence status should email 

Applications should provide evidence of activity and/or achievements in Paget’s disease and related bone research. Examples would include the provision of clinical care and services to patients, as well as possible involvement in trials and research, backed up by any relevant publications. Clinical and other staff involved should be identified, and available facilities described, including the numbers of patients referred to and managed by the centre. The application should also describe what the Centres would do over the next five years. Current and future activities/tasks could include creating and/or maintaining a database of patients and treatments, and providing audits of these. Other activities could include proactive identification of patients, participation in multicenter & other research projects related to Paget’s disease, and hosting meetings for members/patients. 

The Trustees would expect productive interactions between the Paget’s Association charity and the Centres of Excellence, for example in fundraising and hosting meetings for members/patients. The Trustees hope that the award of Centre status will provide applicants with a “badge” of local and national recognition that will facilitate their negotiation with health care providers to offer the best standards of care to patients. 

The designation of Centre status is by open competition, and for an initial period of up to 5 years. Funding for additional specific projects/members meetings and activities related to the Centre may be available if needed. 

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