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If you have been newly diagnosed with Paget’s Disease of Bone you will probably have many questions. Our booklets, leaflets and magazines aim to provide evidence-based information. 

Paget's News is an informative magazine regularly sent to members of the Paget's Association either by post or email. Join now to be part of this community.

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Paget's Disease - The Facts

Useful information regarding Paget's disease which may answer some of the questions you may have

PDF 1.7mb


Paget's Disease - Investigations Explained

Investigations that may be carried out in relation to Paget’s disease

PDF 330.7kb


Paget's Disease and Pain

Understand pain in relation to Paget’s disease and how it might be managed

PDF 621.2kb


Paget's Jargon Buster

Understand the language that might be used in relation to your care and treatment

PDF 745.8kb


Support for those with Paget's Disease of Bone

What does the Paget's Association do to support those with Paget's disease?

PDF 271.0kb



As a small charity, we rely on donations to continue our valuable work. Discover ways you can get involved

PDF 771.0kb


Paget's News Magazine - Issue 200 - November 2023

In the November issue of Paget's News, learn about new research and educational projects funded by the Association, bust the myths around Paget’s disease, find out about 2024…

PDF 3.0mb


Paget's News Magazine - Issue 199 - August 2023

Read the August 2023 issue of Paget's News to discover the Association's 50 Year Anniversary, learn about our new Centres of Excellence and hear from George about his ex…

PDF 8.0mb



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