Research we fund 

The Paget's Association funds many aspects of research into Paget's disease as well as educational projects. Here are just a few of the projects we have funded. 

If you have any questions about research funding, please contact us.

We funded - research into disease mechanisms and models

A better understanding of disease mechanisms underpins improved diagnosis, monitoring and treatments for Paget’s disease

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We funded - Paget’s genetics research

Enhanced understanding of Paget's genetics has the potential to improve clinical care and allow better risk assessment

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We funded - studies looking at epidemiology and patient experience

All of our research is ultimately directed towards improving the lives of those living with Paget’s disease

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We funded - research into ancient Paget's disease

By understanding historical forms of Paget’s we hope to understand environmental triggers and improve future management of the disease

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We funded - educational projects

As well as research the Paget's Association also funds educational projects

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