Paget's disease

What is Paget's and how is it managed?

Learn about what Paget's disease is, symptoms, treatment and management

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Individual experiences of Paget's

Read personal experiences of Paget's disease

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What has research taught us?

Learn about research into Paget's disease and what this has taught us about the condition

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Information videos

Watch videos created by the Association to learn more about Paget's disease and those affected by the condition

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Pain in Paget's

Not all people who have Paget’s Disease of Bone experience pain. It is, however, the commonest presenting symptom of Paget’s disease. It is important to define the cause of pain so that the correct treatment can be given.

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Paget's Jargon Buster

To help individuals understand what is being said about their care and treatment, we have provided the Paget’s Jargon Buster

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