Paget's and its management

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Paget's disease - key facts

  • It affects the normal repair and renewal process of bone (remodelling)
  • Pain is the most common symptom although the clinical presentation and severity vary widely
  • Many people who have Paget’s disease do not have symptoms and will never develop complications
  • It is common in the UK, although the frequency and severity of the disease has declined
  • Causes: Genetic factors play an important role in predisposing to Paget's disease and environmental triggers probably play a role, but the identity of these triggers is unclear

    What is Paget's Disease of Bone?

    Paget’s disease is characterised by abnormalities in the bone remodelling process

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    Who develops Paget's disease and what causes it?

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    Symptoms and complications

    Find out about potential symptoms and complications

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    Learn how Paget's is diagnosed

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    How is Paget's disease treated?

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    What else may help?

    What else can help with the symptoms of Paget's disease?

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