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Groundbreaking results pave the way for genetic testing

(Watch time: 8 min) The results of the Zoledronate in the Prevention of Paget’s disease (ZiPP) research will change clinical practice and pave the way for genetic testing.


Susan took part in research that could change the future

(Watch time: 7 min) Motivated by her brother's battle with Paget’s Disease of Bone, Susan took part in research that could change the outlook for those who may develop it.


How could ancient skeletons change the history of disease?

(Watch time: 34 min) Exciting multi-disciplinary research at Norton Priory has attracted international interest in Paget's and medieval skeletons.


The Treatment Story - Episode 5

(Watch time: 34 min) What is Paget's disease and what are the effects of treatment? Dr Anna Daroszewska explains.


My experience of Paget's disease with Recardo Patrick

(Watch time: 9 min) Entertainer, businessman and Patron of the Paget's Association, Mr Recardo Patrick, is interviewed by Prof Stuart Ralston regarding his experience.


Diana explains how the Association provides support today

(Watch time: 9 min) Diana Wilkinson, Specialist Paget’s Nurse and Director of Education, explains the ways the Association offers information and support.


The Treatment Story - Episode 6

(Watch time: 10 min) Linda’s experience of treatment for Paget’s disease - An infusion of zoledronic acid helped her but how long did it last and what else did she try?


Dr Claire Clarkin

(Watch time: 8 min) Warmth can sometimes be felt around the area of Paget’s disease. Dr Clarkin explains why and how research is looking closely at blood vessels.


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