Spain - An interview with Dr Luis Corral-Gudino

(Watch time: 13 min) Dr Luis Corral-Gudino discusses Paget's disease including hot spots in specific areas of Spain and possible environmental factors.


Sue discusses the Paget's Association's humble beginnings

(Watch time: 8 min) When the Paget’s Association celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2023, Office Manager Sue Clegg discussed the charity's humble beginnings.


Support for those with Paget's Disease of Bone

What does the Paget's Association do to support those with Paget's disease?

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Susan took part in research that could change the future

(Watch time: 7 min) Motivated by her brother's battle with Paget’s Disease of Bone, Susan took part in research that could change the outlook for those who may develop it.


The Practitioner - Diagnosis and Management of Paget's Disease of Bone

The authors of an article published in The Practitioner point out that the three main risk factors for Paget’s disease are age, male gender and family history. They provide a sugg…

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The Strategy of the Paget's Association 2023 - 2028

Discover the charity's current strategy

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The Treatment Story - Episode 1

(Watch time: 8 min) Prof Stuart Ralston interviews Prof Graham Russell about his pioneering role in the discovery and development of bisphosphonates to treat Paget’s disease.


The Treatment Story - Episode 2

(Watch time: 10 min) Dr Roger Smith and the important role he played in relieving the suffering of those affected by Paget’s disease.


The Treatment Story - Episode 3

(Watch time: 10 min) Studying things that matter to patients​. What is the most effective dose of zoledronate? How long does it last? Will a better treatment be developed?


The Treatment Story - Episode 4

(Watch time: 12 min) Bisphosphonates for Paget’s. Why do some people have a flu-like reaction? How do different bisphosphonates work?


The Treatment Story - Episode 5

(Watch time: 34 min) What is Paget's disease and what are the effects of treatment? Dr Anna Daroszewska explains.


The Treatment Story - Episode 6

(Watch time: 10 min) Linda’s experience of treatment for Paget’s disease - An infusion of zoledronic acid helped her but how long did it last and what else did she try?

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