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Personal Experiences and 50 Years of the Paget's Association

In the short video below, Professor Stuart Ralston introduces Paget’s Awareness Day 2023: Personal Experiences and 50 Years of the Paget's Association.  

To join us on 11 Jan at 5 pm (UK) for the Question and Answer session, or the additional one on 12 Jan at 9 am (UK), please email us at membership@paget.org.uk and we will send you a Zoom link.

This series of videos explore experiences of Paget's disease and the history of the Paget's Association.  
Watch all episodes below now.


An interview with Sheila 
Sheila discusses with Prof Stuart Ralston, her personal experience of Paget’s disease, including how she was diagnosed, why she turned down corrective surgery, and how she got involved in research.


An interview with Allan
Allan describes how Paget’s disease stopped him from dancing, but following successful treatment, he found himself able to return to the dance floor.


An interview with Mickey
After suffering from the pain of Paget’s disease, Mickey found that treatment really helped. From her home in Canada, Mickey joined one of the Association’s Virtual Support Groups, which she found was an immense source of support.

Dr Claire Clarkin

An interview with with Dr Claire Clarkin
Warmth can sometimes be felt around the area of Paget’s disease. Bone Biologist, Dr Claire Clarkin, explains to the Chair of the Paget’s Association, Prof Ralston, why this is, and how research in Southampton is looking closely at the blood vessels in relation to Paget’s.


An interview with Sue Clegg
As the Paget’s Association celebrates its 50th Anniversary, Office Manager, Sue Clegg, discusses the humble beginnings and history of the charity.

Diana, Specialist Paget's Nurse

with Diana Wilkinson
Diana Wilkinson, our Specialist Paget’s Nurse, explains the many ways in which the Association offers information and support to those who need it.

Global Perspective on Paget's Disease

You may also be interested in 'Paget's Disease - A Global Perspective' videos exploring this series of videos explore Paget's disease around the world, interviewing experts from India, Canada, Spain, Brazil and Italy, to view please follow this link 


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