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International Paget's Awareness Day - 11th January 2021

The Treatment Story: Past, Present and Future 

International Paget's Awareness Day 2021 will be focusing on the important topic of treatment, its history and the research changing how Paget’s disease may be managed in the future.  

Want to learn more about the story of bisphosphonate treatment? Click here to view a timeline of the history of bisphosphonates. 

How can I help raise awareness?

We need your help to make Paget's Awareness Day 2021 a success.  Take a look at the suggestions below on ways you can help us educate others and raise awareness.  


Watch and Share our Video Series on Treatment

We have filmed a series of videos, based around the topic of treatment, which will be available to watch on our website and YouTube channel, to coincide with Paget’s Awareness Day. These include interviews with leading experts, including our Chairman, Professor Stuart Ralston, and Honorary President, Professor Graham Russell. They focus on different areas of treatment, including the importance of the discovery of bisphosphonates for Paget’s disease, and the significance of current and future research into the condition.

The full series will be available to watch online on 11th January.


Wear a Paget’s Association T-shirt - Available in our Online Shop

The newest item in our online shop is this t-shirt featuring a beautiful portrait of Sir James Paget, (whose name was given to Paget’s disease), together with the Paget’s Association’s logo. The portrait has kindly been drawn by Professor Tim Arnett, from University College London, who is also the Chair of our Research Grants Committee. We would like to thank Tim for creating this brilliant drawing.



Share Your Story of Treatment

We know that treatment can be a concern for many who are diagnosed with Paget’s disease. We are often contacted by those who are worried about receiving medication and the potential side effects, which can cause treatment to be refused or postponed.  To help support those who have concerns, we would appreciate hearing about your experience. These stories will help to expel some of the myths and answer questions around receiving treatment for people who are newly diagnosed. 
Please contact us to share your story and help others know they are not alone. Anyone who is concerned about treatment, can contact our Nurse Helpline, where you can get answers to any questions you may have about Paget’s disease. To view individual experiences of Paget's disease, click here.

Help Educate GPs with our New Information Booklet

Often, the first point of contact, for patients when diagnosed with Paget’s disease, is their GP. We regularly hear that when patients visit their practice, their doctor can sometimes have little experience of the condition. We want to contact GP practices, to help educate their staff, and send them a copy of our new information booklet, written for all healthcare professionals. We will be in touch with all GP practices, whose contact details we receive from those affected by Paget’s disease. 
If you would like information sent to your GP, please send us their name and address by email to membership@paget.org.uk or using our contact form. Your details will not be disclosed when we send this out.

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Last Year's Paget's Awareness Day - 2020

We would like to thank everyone who got involved in the International Paget's Awareness Day on the 11th January 2020. 

Specially produced for Paget's Awareness Day 2020, the exciting Research documentary below explores what medieval bones and teeth can tell us about Paget's disease.

Could ancient skeletons change the history of disease

Focusing on the multi-disciplinary Paget’s research at Norton Priory in Runcorn, Cheshire, which has already attracted international interest, this research documentary details exciting research into medieval skeletons.  Could this change the way conditions, including Paget’s disease, can be traced through history and therefore open opportunities to change the way we research diseases in the future?

If you are interested in looking at the original research paper it can be assessed at the PNAS website

Don't have time to watch the full documentary? - You can watch a trailer below.

How You Made a Difference…

Thank you to all who took part in any way. Many took Paget’s Display Packs to health and community centres and some put up posters. Some even held fundraising events. Here are some of your photos and events that took place for Paget's Day.

Open House

Janet and Graham held an Open House event, providing coffee, cakes and other refreshments. They also held a raffle and tombola. Family, friends and neighbours all gave generously, raising a total of £294 for Paget's. 




Coffee Morning and Raffle

The Inner Wheel Club of Porthcawl raised £140 by holding a coffee morning and by raffling a handmade blue and green lap quilt. 

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea at Wesley Table Tennis club in memory of Sir James Paget was organised by Marjorie and Keith, in Leigh-on-sea. Their blue and green theme included cakes commemorating the anniversary of the birth of Sir James Paget on the 11th January. 








Pets for Paget’s

Pets also took part, dressing in blue to support Paget’s Day, with the colour of the Paget's Association.

Photos to Share?

Do you have photos to share?  Share them with us on social media, email them to us or just send one in the post!   We will be printing some in our Paget's magazine. Send your photos to diana.wilkinson@paget.org.uk 


Paget’s Awareness Display Packs and posters were requested by many of you and taken to health and community centres to raise awareness of Paget's disease. Where did you put yours? Let us know!


Here are just a few of those who took wanted to help us raise awareness. THANK YOU ALL!


We would like everyone to get involved. Help make every  International Paget’s Awareness Day a success. Put the 11th January on your calendar and do something, however large or small it may be, to help us raise awareness of Paget’s disease on this special day! 

Here is a glimpse of Sir Henry Paget recorded for the first-ever Paget's Awareness Day in 2019



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