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Personal Experiences and 50 Years of the Paget's Association

In the short video below, Professor Stuart Ralston introduces Paget’s Awareness Day 2023: Personal Experiences and 50 Years of the Paget's Association.  

This series of videos explores personal experiences of Paget's disease and the history of the Paget's Association in our 50th year.  
Click here to watch all episodes now.

Prof Ralston answers your questions at 17:00 hrs (GMT), 11th January 2023

Our Chair, Professor Stuart Ralston, will be answering any questions you have regarding Paget’s disease in an online event using Zoom. To join, from wherever you are in the world, please email membership@paget.org.uk and we will send details.

Previous Awareness Days 


2022 - A Global Perspective 

From Paget's disease in India to a hot-spot in Quebec, watch our series of interviews with clinicians and researchers, from around the world. These were filmed for the 4th International Paget's Awareness Day, 11th January 2022.

Dr Tori Herridge interviewed experts from Italy, Spain, Canada, Brazil and India to hear their unique perspectives on Paget's disease. Dr Herridge, an evolutionary biologist and a presenter on Channel 4’s Bone Detectives series, recorded the interviews, which were released for Paget’s Awareness Day. In addition, Mr Recardo Patrick was interviewed by Professor Ralston to explain his personal experience of Paget’s disease.

 Follow this link to watch the interviews.

2021 - Treatment  

International Paget's Awareness Day 2021 focused on the important topic of treatment, its history and the research changing how Paget’s disease may be managed in the future.  These include video interviews with leading experts, including our Chairman, Professor Stuart Ralston, and Honorary President, Professor Graham Russell.

 Watch the treatment videos by following this link.

The videos focus on different areas of treatment, including the importance of the discovery of bisphosphonates for Paget’s disease, and the significance of current and future research into the condition. To see a brief history of how treatment was developed for Paget's disease, click here.

2020 - Ancient Paget's

How could ancient skeletons change the history of disease?

Focusing on the multi-disciplinary Paget’s research at Norton Priory in Runcorn, Cheshire, which has already attracted international interest, this research documentary details exciting research into medieval skeletons.  Could this change the way conditions, including Paget’s disease, can be traced through history and therefore open opportunities to change the way we research diseases in the future? If you are interested in looking at the original research paper it can be assessed at the PNAS website

Don't have time to watch the full documentary? - You can watch a trailer below.

2019 - The First Paget's Awareness Day

The following video was recorded for the first-ever Paget's Awareness Day in 2019. The day included a live webinar and an Information Event in Great Yarmouth.


We would like everyone to get involved. Help make every International Paget’s Awareness Day a success. Put the 11th January on your calendar and do something, however large or small it may be, to help us raise awareness of Paget’s disease on this special day! 

How You Made a Difference to our Awareness Days

Thank you to all who took part in our Awareness Days. Many shared our information on social media and took Paget’s Display Packs to health and community centres, others put up posters and some held fundraising events. Here are some of your photos and events.

Open House - Janet and Graham held an Open House event, providing coffee, cakes and other refreshments. They also held a raffle and tombola. Family, friends and neighbours all gave generously, raising a total of £294 for Paget's. 

Coffee Morning and Raffle - The Inner Wheel Club of Porthcawl raised £140 by holding a coffee morning and by raffling a handmade blue and green lap quilt. 

Afternoon Tea at Wesley Table Tennis club in memory of Sir James Paget was organised by Marjorie and Keith, in Leigh-on-sea. Their blue and green theme included cakes commemorating the anniversary of the birth of Sir James Paget on the 11th January. 

Display Packs and posters were requested by many of you and taken to health and community centres to raise awareness of Paget's disease. 











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