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A Global Perspective on Paget's Disease

In the short video below, Professor Stuart Ralston introduces the theme for Paget’s Awareness Day 2022: A Global Perspective on Paget’s Disease of Bone.  

This series of videos explore Paget's disease around the world, interviewing experts from India, Canada, Spain, Brazil and Italy.   
Watch the full episodes below now.


An interview with Dr Laëtitia Michou 
Dr Laëtitia Michou, a Rheumatologist and Researcher at the University Laval, in Québec, discusses Paget's Disease of Bone with Dr Tori Herridge. Dr Michou explains how Quebec has the highest number of cases in Canada, with genetic and environmental factors playing a role. Also, discover who the King's Daughters are and how they may influence Paget's in Canada.  Click the image below to watch, or click here to watch the video with French subtitles.


An interview with Dr Daniela Merlotti
Dr Tori Herridge interviews Dr Daniela Merlotti to discuss how Paget's Disease of Bone affects people in Italy. Dr Merlotti explains the role of genetic and environmental factors in Paget's disease. Find out how volcano eruptions, in the Campania region of Italy might be related to the condition. Click the image below to watch, or click here to watch the video with Italian subtitles.


An interview with Dr Luis Corral-Gudino
Interviewed by Dr Tori Herridge, Dr Luis Corral-Gudino discusses Paget's Disease of Bone in Spain, including hot spots in specific areas, and also possible environmental factors. Click the image below to watch, or click here to watch the video with Spanish subtitles.


An interview with with Professor Thomas Paul
Professor Thomas Paul explains how Paget's Disease of Bone in India affects the population. He explains the very positive experience he has had when treating some patients, including the remarkable improvement in symptoms, such as pain.


An interview with Dr Luiz Griz
Paget's Disease of Bone is discussed by Dr Luiz Griz and Dr Tori Herridge. In South America the incidence of Paget´s disease is low. In Brazil, most cases reported are from Recife.

My Experience of Paget's Disease

with Recardo Patrick
Entertainer, businessman and Patron of the Paget's Association, Mr Recardo Patrick, is interviewed by Professor Stuart Ralston regarding his experience of Paget's Disease of Bone, for International Paget's Awareness Day 2022.

The Treatment Story

You may also be interested in 'The Treatment Story' videos exploring all aspects of treatment, including how bisphosphonates were developed and interviews with patients about their experiences, to view please follow this link 

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