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These videos explore treatment for Paget's disease. What are bisphosphonates? Which is the most effective?

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Each episode explores a different aspect of treatment. Leading experts explore how bisphosphonates were developed, how they work and the significance of current and future research. We also interview patients about their experiences.

Watch the video below for an introduction to the series from our Chairman, Professor Stuart Ralston.  

Watch the full episodes below now.

Episode 1

The Discovery of Bisphosphonates for Paget's Disease - Prof Stuart Ralston interviews Prof Graham Russell
Professor Stuart Ralston, Chair of the Paget’s Association, interviews the Association’s Honorary President, Professor Graham Russell, to learn about his pioneering role in the discovery and development of bisphosphonates as a treatment for Paget’s disease.  

Episode 2

The Early Years of Bisphosphonate Treatment - Prof Stuart Ralston interviews Dr Roger Smith
Professor Russell collaborated with Dr Roger Smith, in Oxford, to perform the first human research trials of a bisphosphonate in people who had Paget’s disease. In this video Professor Ralston interviews Dr Smith, looking at the important role he played in relieving the suffering of those affected by Paget’s disease.

Episode 3

Studying Things that Matter to Patients​ - Prof Stuart Ralston interviews Prof Ian Reid
Professor Ian Reid, from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, discusses important clinical trials. What is the most effective dose of zoledronate?  How long does it last?  Will an even better treatment be developed? Watch the video to find out.

Episode 4

The Mechanism of Action of Bisphosphonates in Paget’s - Prof Stuart Ralston interviews Prof Mike Rogers
Why do some people have a flu-like reaction to certain bisphosphonates? How do different bisphosphonates work? Professor Ralston explores these issues and more with Professor Mike Rogers, from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Australia.

Episode 5

What Paget's Disease is and the Effects of Treatment - A presentation by Dr Anna Daroszewska​
How does Paget’s disease affect the bone’s normal repair and renewal process (remodelling)? What effect do bisphosphonates have on this process to make them an effective treatment for Paget’s disease? Trustee, Dr Anna Daroszewska explains.

Episode 6

Linda’s Experience of Treatment for Paget’s Disease - Prof Stuart Ralston interviews Mrs Linda Fenlon
Zoledronate has helped Linda, but how long did it last and what else did she try? Professor Ralston asks Linda Fenlon about her experiences of treatment for Paget's disease.

Episode 7

Current and Future Research into Paget's Disease - Prof Graham Russell interviews Prof Stuart Ralston
What is the relationship between bone turnover and symptoms? What does it mean for those affected by Paget’s disease? Professor Russell discusses recent and current research with Professor Ralston, who has been conducting clinical research into Paget’s disease for over thirty years.

Episode 8

A Patient's Experience of Paget's Disease - Peter Jones interviews Keith Simpson​
Mr Keith Simpson discusses his experience of pain, treatment and surgery, in relation to Paget's disease, as he is interviewed by Mr Peter Jones.

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On the day, we held a live Question and Answer session, to enable those with Paget's Disease to have their questions answered by Chair of the Paget's Association, Professor Stuart Ralston.
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