Why “Paget’s” disease?

Sir James Paget studied Paget's Disease of Bone in great detail and wrote his first paper about it in 1877, describing it as osteitis deformans because he suspected a basic inflammatory process. We now know this wasn't the case but his extensive work is highly regarded and in 1888 Sir Jonathan Hutchinson, writing in the British Medical Journal, referred to osteitis deformans as Paget's Disease of Bone.

Sir James Paget

Sir James’s first paper on Paget's disease was titled "On a form of Chronic Inflammation of Bones" and published in the Medical Chirurgical Transactions, 1877, (60) 37–64.9. This was a medical journal published from 1809 to 1907.

We are pleased to have a descendant of Sir James Paget as a Patron of the Charity. Sir Henry Paget, is Sir James Paget's great, great grandson.

Biography of Sir James Paget

Read a biography of Sir James Paget, whose name was given to Paget's disease. His original description of the condition in 1877 is so good that little has changed

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A Family Legacy - Sir Julian Paget

Sir James Paget was a British surgeon and pathologist who studied Paget’s disease extensively. His great grandson, the late Sir Julian Paget was a Patron of the Paget’s Associatio…

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How Paget's disease got its name and more

(Watch time: 20 min) Sir Henry Paget gives a fascinating talk regarding his family and Prof Roger Francis speaks about the surgeon and pathologist, Sir James Paget.


Other Paget's diseases

Due to his extensive work, Sir James Paget's name was given to several diseases as well as Paget’s Disease of Bone, including Extramammary Paget's Disease and Paget’s Disease of the Breast. These however, have no other connection to Paget's Disease of Bone.

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