The Paget’s Association's history

Founder, Ann Stansfield

In 1973, Ann Stansfield founded the Paget's Association, a UK charity, after struggling to find information when her husband Alf was diagnosed with Paget’s disease. Ann's global efforts raised awareness, supported sufferers, and initiated research, culminating in the establishment of the National Association for the Relief of Paget’s Disease, later known as the Paget’s Association. In recognition of her work, Ann received an MBE in 1983. The legacy she left behind when she passed away in 1995 continues to be upheld and advanced by the current team here at the Association.

Our aims

  • To provide information and support
  • To raise awareness of the condition
  • To support and fund research in the field of Paget's disease

Read more about Ann and the history of the charity below

How the Paget's Association began

It was Ann Stansfield's remarkable work that led to the founding of the Paget's Association. Her unwavering determination and persistence provided crucial support to man…

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Sue discusses the Paget's Association's humble beginnings

(Watch time: 8 min) When the Paget’s Association celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2023, Office Manager Sue Clegg discussed the charity's humble beginnings.


Diana explains how the Association provides support today

(Watch time: 9 min) Diana Wilkinson, Specialist Paget’s Nurse and Director of Education, explains the ways the Association offers information and support.


Allan St John Dixon

Professor Allan St. John Dixon helped Ann establish the National Association for the Relief of Paget’s Disease (NARPD) and the charity thrived under his guidance. He was the first Chairman of the charity and subsequently served as Honorary President until 2011.

In addition to his role with the NARPD, now known as the Paget’s Association, Allan helped to establish the National Osteoporosis Society, National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society and Remedi, a charity that supports research into rehabilitation. Allan was a consultant rheumatologist at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases from 1966 to 1986. 

He received an OBE for his services to medicine and set up a number of national charities. Allan, aged 92, sadly passed away in 2014.

Can we help you?

It is important that we remember why Ann Stansfield set up the Paget’s Association, however, needs can change and it is therefore, important that those affected by Paget's disease continue to tell us what you think the charity can do to support you. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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