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Recent Papers

Follow this link for a news feed of recently published articles from PubMed.

Paget's Clinical Guideline

A clinical Guideline, for the diagnosis and management of Paget’s Disease of Bone in adults, was commissioned by the Paget's Association, with the support of the European Calcified Tissue Society and the International Osteoporosis Society.  The full Guideline was published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. You can download a PDF of the full Guideline here: *Diagnosis and Management of Paget’s Disease of Bone in Adults - A Clinical Guideline 2019.  Alternatively, download a summary of the Guideline - Paget's Guideline Summary 2019

In the video below, Professor Mike Stone discusses the Paget's Guideline.

Paget's - The Facts Booklet. The Paget's Association updated its booklet,  'Paget's - The Facts', in line with the Guideline. Copies of this and of other leaflets are available for your patients - please contact us

Our Paget's Information Events are aimed at patients however, professionals are encouraged to attend. Expert speakers discuss many aspects of Paget’s disease including causes, treatment and research.

Dr Hrushikesh Divyateja is a Consultant Chemical Pathologist in Nottingham. He spoke at a Paget's Association Information Event to update the audience on Investigations and Bone Markers for those with Paget's Disease of Bone. 

In the video below, Professor Layfield, Dr Burrell, Dr Green and student, Jasmine Sanghera, discuss aspects of research into Paget’s disease. Professor Roger Francis then leads the Question and Answer session. 

You can download our Research and Educational Funding leaflet here: 

In the video below, experts discuss Paget's Disease: what it is, the causes, incidence, and distribution, and also the production of new Guidelines. Professor Graham Russell introduces the expert speakers. Dr Daroszewska discusses what Paget’s is. Professor O’Neill considers the causes, distribution and incidence of the condition, Professor Stone examines treatment and Dr Tuck informs the audience about the new Professional Guidelines.

Sir Henry Paget and Professor Roger Francis discuss the Paget Family, in the video below, including Sir James Paget, whose name was given to Paget's Disease of Bone.


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