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The Gut-Bone Axis: A Society for Endocrinology Themed Scientific Meeting

2nd and 3rd July 2020 - Norwich Medical School and Quadram Institute, University of East Anglia, Norwich

This event brings together researchers and clinicians from the immunology, bone and gut fields with internationally renowned speakers.

The skeleton and the gastrointestinal tract? Increasingly, key functional links between the two are being recognised. The gut is essential for the absorption of nutrients essential to bone development and homeostasis and links have been recognised between gastrointestinal pathology, such as Coeliac disease, and skeletal disease, such as osteoporosis. Disorders of calcium and bone metabolism affect over 3 million people in the UK including Paget's Disease of Bone, amongst others, and are now increasingly recognised to be linked to disturbances of gut function. This themed scientific meeting aims to explore new and emerging areas that link gut and bone health.

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