Urgent appeal

Urgent appeal

Join the fight to sustain the Paget's Association

Urgent Appeal

The Paget's Association relies solely on donations, fundraising, and legacies to maintain its services for those affected by Paget's disease and their families. Like many charities, we are currently facing an unprecedented uphill struggle to continue our vital work. We really need your help at this time.

Thank you

The Association is grateful to those of you who have been able to donate to our work. Every donation, no matter the size, impacts our ability to continue to provide essential support, information, and resources to those in need.

We would like to thank Stowe Family Law Manchester for their contribution to our cause. With a heartfelt commitment to supporting organisations that positively impact individuals facing health challenges, Stowe Family Law has chosen to stand with us in our mission to assist those affected by Paget's disease.

Fight to survive

As we continue our fight to survive, the Association is undoubtedly at a critical juncture, and the coming months will be a testing time, as the Trustees look for ways to preserve our services for you. 

Will you also stand by our side in the fight against Paget's disease? Will you be the lifeline that sustains our charity for those who depend on us? Now more than ever we rely on those who can to support us by donating or fundraising. 

Maybe you would you consider leaving the ultimate gift in your will, a legacy? If you have already done so, thank you. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by Paget's disease.

Thank you

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There are many ways you can help - take a look now.

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