Paget's Raffle

Paget's Raffle

Could You be a Paget's Raffle Winner? Support the Paget’s Association and be in with a chance of winning up to £200!

Be in with a chance of winning!

The Paget's Association's Raffle will never have more than 200 members, so you really do stand a good chance of winning.

By purchasing a ticket or even two in the Raffle you can directly contribute to our charity and help us make a difference to those with Paget's disease.

The first prize each month is £100 and the second prize is £50. In June and December however, the prize money is doubled to £200 and £100 respectively. No administration charges are taken out so all money given in this way goes towards our vital work, once prize money has been taken out. 

To enter the draw the cost is £5 per number each month and each person can have one or two tickets.

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