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Help Support Someone Newly Diagnosed with Paget's

Our Support Gift Bags are designed to bring comfort to those who are newly diagnosed with Paget’s Disease of Bone. Individuals may be distressed by their diagnosis and worried about the future. Whilst we can provide information, answer questions, we wanted to do something extra. Our Paget’s Support Gift Bag provides extra support when it is needed most and brighten the day of those suffering emotionally and/or physically. It is a little bag of kindness during a difficult time. Will you help us provide them?

Could You Donate £15 to Help Someone Feel Supported?
Could you help someone who is struggling by donating £15 so that we can send them a Support Gift Bag? 


Our Promise to You
When you show you care, by donating to this scheme, we promise that for every £15 donated we will send a Support Gift Bag to someone in need. To donate, you can do so by following this link (under 'Donation Type' just tick 'Other' and type 'Bag' in the message box). If you prefer not to donate online, simply tell us you would like to donate a box by either contacting us here or by emailing membership@paget.org.uk or you can telephone 0161 799 4646.

What’s in the Bag?

Currently, the following items are included:
Heat/Cold Pack - If the individual has pain, we hope this will bring some relief. 
Water Bottle - If treatment with an infusion is recommended, the water bottle is a reminder to ensure they are well hydrated beforehand.
Stress Ball  - Release energy to alleviate tension and stress.
Information - Booklets and information regarding Paget's disease. 

Who might Receive a Bag?
To receive a free Support Gift Bag, individuals must be recently diagnosed with Paget’s disease, live in the UK and must not have received one from the Paget's Association before. Providing sufficient supplies are available, at the Association's discretion, we may also provide one to individuals who may not be newly diagnosed, but who are having an especially tough time and need extra support.


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