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Earn a Medal with our Fitness Challenge!

As the team here at the Paget’s Association look forward to its 50th anniversary year in 2023, we have launched a fundraising campaign to raise £50,000 by December 2023. Could you take part in our fitness challenge? Alternatively, scroll down for information on how to donate and for fundraising ideas.

Paget's Fitness Challenge

We are challenging you to feel fitter and healthier by taking part in our Fitness Challenge.  Donations raised by achieving your challenge target will earn a Paget’s Fitness Medal and all money raised helps to support us in reaching our fundraising target of £50,000 for the 50th Anniversary of the Paget's Association in 2023. 

Walk, Hike, Run, Swim, Cycle, or Wheel

We have achievement medals for people of any age or ability who can challenge themselves to go a little further than they normally would. You can walk, hike, run, swim, cycle or, if you use a wheelchair, wheel your way towards your goal.

How to get Involved

1. Set your Fitness Challenge - This is your challenge. You can choose the distance, the place, and the time you will take to do it. It does not matter whether it is half a mile, five miles or a marathon. What matters is that you push yourself safely towards a goal that is a challenge for you and will improve your level of fitness.

2. Choose your Sponsorship Method and Contact us - Once you have decided on your challenge, we can help you get started, whether you are using sponsorship forms or an online sponsorship platform, such as JustGiving.  Contact us here or telephone 0161 799 4646 to request a sponsorship pack containing everything you need to start collecting donations. It does not matter if you have one sponsor or fifty, as long as you are improving your fitness and raising funds at the same time.

3. Make it Worthwhile - Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to raise funds for the Paget’s Association. They may even join you! All funds raised will go towards our 50th Anniversary target and your fitness will have improved.

4. Share your Achievement and Claim your Fitness Medal - To enable us to send you your Fitness Medal, you will need to let us know the details of the challenge you set, what you achieved, and the amount of money raised (please see the amounts required for each medal detailed below). In addition, if you have photos, we would love to see them. Some of you may wish to track your challenge, with a smart device, using an app, such as Fitbit or Strava. If you do this, do send us a screenshot of your achievement from your app.

  • Bronze Fitness Medal: £25 minimum
  • Silver Fitness Medal: £100 minimum
  • Gold Fitness Medal: £500 minimum

£50,000 Target for the Paget's Association’s 50th Year

Will you Donate or Fundraise for us?

As a charity, the Association relies upon donations from individuals to ensure the continued provision of information and support, and to fund research. We not only need to ensure sufficient funds are available to secure the Association’s future, but we also want to develop our services further. No matter the size, every fundraising effort and every single donation helps the charity continue to be here for you and others.

Request a Fundraising Pack

Would you like to raise funds for the Paget’s Association, but don’t know where to start? Why not request our new fundraising pack, which contains ideas, tips and information to help get you started? Also included are leaflets, a banner with the Association’s logo printed on it and items to help raise awareness. From a chocoholic’s tombola and/or coffee morning to a sponsored silence or book exchange, there are also lots of fundraising ideas on our website https://paget.org.uk/help-raise-funds. You can set up your own online fundraising page on the JustGiving website or we can set one up for you. You can also link your page to our campaign.  Alternatively, sponsorship forms are available from our office.

Awards for Outstanding Fundraising Achievements

Awards will be available for outstanding fundraising achievements so request your pack and see what you can accomplish.

We Can Help - If you need support or something special for your event, whether it is posters or t-shirts, have a chat with us and we will do our best to help. For further information, or to request your fundraising pack, please email membership@paget.org.uk or telephone 0161 799 4646.

No matter the size, every donation helps the charity continue to be here for you and others.



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