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Interested in Paget's? - Consider Trusteeship!

Applications are currently closed

Do you have an interest in Paget's disease? Perhaps you have experience in finance or employment and human resources? Then maybe you would be interested in becoming a Trustee for the Paget’s Association?

Volunteers join the Board, usually for a period of three years, and we are looking for someone who wishes to be considered for trusteeship during our AGM in October 2022. Led by our Chairman, Professor Stuart Ralston, our Trustees are all volunteers with an interest in Paget’s disease. The Trustees work together with our three members of staff to achieve the objectives set for the Association, which are to inform and support those with Paget’s disease, to support research into the condition and to raise awareness. Closing date: 17:00 hrs on 5th May 2022.

What does Trusteeship Involve?

Trustees are expected to attend Board meetings, which are held approximately three or four times a year. Meetings are usually held in Manchester, but once a year are held in the area where the Annual General Meeting is taking place. Between meetings, the Chairman may ask your opinion on issues concerning the charity and you may be given small tasks to carry out in line with your experience.

Are Expenses Paid?

It is a voluntary role, so there is no payment, however, expenses are reimbursed and knowing that you are helping those with Paget’s disease is very rewarding.

Do Trustees Require any Special Qualifications?

Anyone within the UK may apply. You do not need to have any special qualifications and the single most important thing is a desire to help the charity to support those with Paget’s disease.

How do I Apply to Become a Trustee?

If you would like to be considered for a place on the Board of Trustees, please contact us using the email address below, stating why you feel that you could fulfil this role.

Email: applications@paget.org.uk

Closing date: 17:00 hrs on 5th May 2022.


If you think you might like to be a Trustee but are unsure, why not telephone the office for an informal chat? Alternatively, email your questions to our Chairman at chair@paget.org.uk


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