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Free Professional Membership

There is no fee for professional membership. Donations are, of course, welcome.

We encourage Health Professionals caring for patients, and Researchers studying Paget's disease to join the Paget's Association free of charge. This is to encourage relevant professionals to keep up-to-date with current guidelines and research, ultimately leading to excellence in care and research.

As a professional member, your membership pack may be sent via email. Alternatively, you can request that the following Information Pack be posted to you:

  • A healthcare professional information booklet on Paget's disease.

  • 4 Booklets: Paget’s Disease – The Facts, Investigations Explained, Paget’s Disease and Pain, Paget's Jargon Buster

  • Our Funding Opportunities leaflet, detailing research grants, bursaries and educational awards.

  • Our last 2 magazines containing information, news and discussion. You can read a sample here.

  • Information sheets on various aspects of Paget’s disease.

  • A Paget's Passport which patients can use to record details of how Paget's disease affects them (not included in free online pack - paid postal members only)

As a member of the Paget's Association, you will:

- receive the quarterly Paget’s Magazine, 'Paget's News' by email
- be provided with information regarding our grants and bursaries and other awards
- benefit from free attendance at our Paget’s Information events
- have access to the members’ area of the Paget’s Association's website, where you will find a section dedicated to health professionals,
- have the right to vote at our Annual General Meeting
- be informed of opportunities to take part in member consultations i.e. regarding research

You are also welcome to request free information booklets for your patients. Contact us.


Membership for Anyone Affected by Paget's Disease 

If you are not a healthcare professional or researcher, please follow the link below for details of membership for patients, family members and carers. Membership of the Paget's Association is important because when we have new information or research to share regarding treatment, prevention or any aspect of Paget's Disease of Bone, we know who to tell!. Members also benefit from free attendance at our Paget’s Information events.

Ordinary membership is just £15 per year for those in the UK and £20 per year (overseas).

Click here to discover details about membership.

Receive the paget’s magazine

By becoming a member

Become a Friend of the Paget's Association

If you are not a member of the Association, but would like to stay up to date with our news and events via our mailing list, please sign up here to become a Friend of the Paget's Association. Please note, if you are a member, there's no need to sign up here as you already receive our updates and much more!

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