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Talk to Others 

Join the Paget's Support Network

The Paget’s Support Network is a free network to enable members to talk to others who either have Paget’s disease or who care for someone who has the condition. Communication can be by telephone, letter or email. It is a free, mutually supportive network and is open to any Paget’s Association member wherever you live in the UK or abroad.

Member, Doreen, commented on the Paget's Support Network, “I have friends all over the world now – we help each other”

To join the Paget's Support Network and speak to others who understand the impact that Paget’s disease can have on your life, you must first be a member of the Paget's Association. To join the Paget's Association and find out more about the Paget's Support Network follow this link.

Local Support

Find information about our support groups here.


The Paget's Association also has an online support group on Facebook.  To find out more or to join the group, please click here.


To read detailed accounts of Individual Experiences of Paget's Disease follow this link.


You may be interested in meeting with others at one of our Paget's Information Days 

This video was filmed at one of our Information Days