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Paget's Jargon Buster

To help people understand what is being said about their care and treatment, we have provided the Paget’s Jargon Buster below. In addition, we have included some terms that may be read in articles regarding Paget’s research. If you have any questions regarding these terms or Paget’s Disease of Bone, please contact our Paget’s Nurse Helpline.

Acronym Buster App - Why would your doctor need your PMH and is NAD a good thing? These abbreviations (acronyms) are formed from the initial letters of other words and whilst we have included some in our Jargon Buster below, there are many more. The NHS has produced a free App to help with over 700 commonly used acronyms and abbreviations. Just search ‘NHS Acronym Buster’ in the iTunes app or Google Play Store.

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