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Learn about Paget's Disease 

The educational videos below provide useful information regarding Paget's disease.

Those diagnosed with Paget's disease have many questions. Expert speakers discuss many aspects of Paget’s disease at our Paget’s Information Events. Some of the videos below are from our events. You will find more on our YouTube channel. Also, for a limited time, we have DVD's of talks available from our shop.

Paget's Information Events

The first video was recorded at one of our Information Events in Nottingham.


Our Chairman, Professor Stuart Ralston discusses pain with regard to Paget's disease and Miss Katheryn Berg discusses a research study (PiP). This was recorded at a patient day, in Nottingham, in 2019.

Personal Experience

Keith, a patient and a Trustee of the Paget's Association, discusses his experience of Paget's in the video below.


Dr Peter Prinsloo discussed treatment for Paget's Disease at our Information day in Nottingham.



Our Specialist Paget’s Nurse, Diana Wilkinson, looks at the resources available for patients.


Member of the Paget's Association, Simon Leigh, explains below how he had his bowed leg straightened.


Mark Wilkinson is a Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and a Consultant Surgeon in Sheffield. At a Paget's Information Event in Nottingham, he discussed orthopaedic surgery for those with Paget's Disease of Bone.


Questions and Answers

The audience at one of our Information Events questions the panel in this video from 2019.

In the video below, from 2017, experts cover Paget's Disease: what it is, the causes, incidence, and distribution, and also the production of Guidelines, which were published in 2019. Follow this link to read a summary.

These videos were recorded at our Information Events. You may be interested in attending a future event

You will find more videos in the Member's area of this website

Paget's Information Events

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