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Expert Presentations on Paget's Disease

Presentations from our York and Southampton Information Events

The team at the Paget’s Association were pleased to welcome members to our Infomation events in 2021. The first, in York, was the Association’s first face-to-face event since the start of the pandemic. The talks were pre-recorded, in case any of the speakers were unable to attend on the day. In October we held a Paget's Information Day in Southampton. Scroll down for slides from the event. 


Watch the video below for an introduction from our Chairman, Professor Stuart Ralston.  


Paget's and Bone

How does Paget’s disease affect bone?
Professor Ralston gave a presentation prepared by Dr Anna Daroszewska, a trustee from Liverpool, who had been unable to attend on the day.   

Medical Treatment

Professor Ralston presented the latest information regarding the medical treatment of Paget’s disease, and reminded the audience that pain is the most common symptom of the condition.

Surgical Treatment 

As those who have Paget’s disease sometimes require orthopaedic surgery, Mr Navnit Makaram, from Edinburgh discussed procedures such as hip and knee joint replacement and how breaks in the bone (fractures) can be repaired.

Three Things!

Specialist Paget’s Nurse, Diana Wilkinson, highlighted three aspects of the Association’s work that are making a difference.

Paget's Research

Trustee, Professor Rob Layfield, from Nottingham, explained the Paget’s Association’s research strategy and how applications for funds are assessed to ensure that the Association only funds research of excellent quality.

Treatment Development 

The final presentation of the day was by Honorary President of the Association, Professor Graham Russell, whose pioneering role in the discovery and study of bisphosphonates used to treat Paget’s disease and other conditions, has brought benefit to millions worldwide.

Unable to attend on the day, he had filmed his presentation so as not to disappoint those attending. He guided the audience through the fascinating story of how bisphosphonates were developed to treat Paget’s disease, describing how treatments are developed from the laboratory bench to clinical trials, before being approved as a treatment for those affected by Paget’s disease.

Speakers at our Paget's Information Day in Southampton, in October 2021 gave interesting talks on various aspects of Paget's disease, including treatment, research and archaeology. Slides from two of the talks are below. 

Professor of Musculoskeletal Epidemiology and a Consultant in Rheumatology, Elaine Dennison, gave an overview of Paget’s disease and a very informative update of recent studies. You can view her slides here

Chairman of the Paget’s Association, Professor Stuart Ralston is also a Researcher and Consultant Rheumatologist in Edinburgh. He explained the long-term outcomes and effects of treatment with zoledronic acid and risedronate (bisphosphonates). He also discussed symptoms and complications of Paget's disease. You can view his slides here 

Members had their questions answered

The events were an excellent opportunity for those attending to have their questions answered. If you would like your questions answered, you may be interested in our other Information Events.

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