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The Constitution of The Paget's Association


Registered Charity no. 266071


[Rules adopted 5th July 1973, as amended 21st March 1974 and 10th August 1989, as amended 10th September 2004, as amended 17th September 2010, as amended 7th September 2012 as amended   4th October 2019 as amended 16th October 2020]

The formal name of the charitable association hereby constituted shall be The National Association for the Relief of Paget’s Disease (“the Association”). The working style of the Association shall be “The Paget’s Association”.


The objects of the Association are as follows:

-  To encourage, promote and assist research into the diagnosis, treatment, education and prevention of Paget’s disease and related disorders.

 - The relief of persons suffering from Paget’s disease and related disorders and to engage in individual or joint activities on their behalf.

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