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COVID-19 and The Paget's Association

We would like to reassure you that the Paget’s Association continues to offer support to anyone affected by Paget's Disease of Bone. Our Nurse Helpline and office phone lines are available as normal, should you need to contact us.

Questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We understand that many of you will be anxious about COVID-19. Here are the answers to some of the questions that we have been asked, which are relevant to those with Paget's Disease of Bone:

Q. Am I at increased risk of COVID-19 because I have Paget’s Disease of Bone?

A. No, having Paget’s does not put you at increased risk of catching COVID-19. Neither does it increase your risk of having serious complications should you have the virus.

Q. I am due to have an infusion of zoledronic acid. Should I still have it and what if my appointment is postponed?

A. If you have an appointment to have an infusion you should attend as normal, unless instructed not to do so by the hospital. When attending, you should follow any instructions given with regard to COVID-19.
If your infusion treatment has been cancelled or postponed, and you have bone pain associated with Paget’s disease, it is possible to have bisphosphonate treatment in tablet form (Risedronate). Please check with your doctor if this would be suitable for you.

Q. If I get a fever after an infusion of zoledronate, does that mean it is COVID-19?

A. It is known that a potential side-effect of zoledronate is a high temperature, however, it is usually mild and short-lived. If you do get a temperature after receiving zoledronic acid and it persists for more than 2-3 days you should self-isolate according to the current advice from Public Health England.

Q. What about other procedures or investigations?

A. If you have any procedures or investigations planned, which are related to Paget’s disease, such as an x-ray or scan, postponed, this should not have any long-term detrimental effects. The NHS will still have availability for any very urgent procedures and investigations, such as if there is concern that a fracture may have occurred. The NHS will balance the benefits of going ahead with investigations and procedures with the risks of patients getting coronavirus or bringing coronavirus into the hospital. There should be a contact email you can use if you have more questions for your hospital team.

Further Information - For more detailed information regarding COVID-19 and also vaccination visit the NHS or Government websites: 

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