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Paget's on Channel 4

An episode of 'Bone Detectives' on Channel 4, saw the team visit the most excavated monastic site in Europe, where an investigation into the bones of the people buried there revealed a story of medieval knights, brutal murder, and a high concentration of Paget’s Disease of Bone. Using a skeleton from the archaeological collection at Norton Priory, Cheshire, the programme investigated an individual who had Paget's disease. How was he affected and who was he? Trustee of the Paget’s Association, Professor Rob Layfield, and member, Linda Fenlon, took part in the programme, which helped to raise awareness of Paget's disease nationally. 

The Paget's Association has also made a documentary about research into Paget's Disease of Bone at Norton Priory. We interviewed many of the researchers involved in a remarkable multidisciplinary study, involving several universities. You can watch the documentary below or follow this link for more information about the research.


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