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Expert Presentations on Paget's Disease

Watch Presentations from our York Information Event

Consider Trusteeship

Interested in Paget's? - Consider Trusteeship!

Do you have an interest in Paget's disease? Perhaps you have experience in finance or employment and human resources? Then maybe you would be interested in becoming a Trustee for the Paget’s Association?

North West Remains a Hotspot for Paget's

The North West Remains a Hotspot for Paget's Disease 

Recently published research supported by the Paget’s Association has shown that the North West of England remains a hotspot for Paget’s Disease of Bone. Paget’s disease is a debilitating and underdiagnosed condition involving excessive breakdown and formation of bone, resulting in weakened bones, and often pain and deformity. The disease is thought to be caused by a combination of both genetic and environmental factors, but how the local environment is involved has remained a mystery. 

News from Paget's Day 2021

News from Paget's Day!

Thank you to everyone who got involved in International Paget's Awareness Day on the 11th January 2021.

The Treatment Story.

Specially produced for the event our new videos explore treatment for Paget's Disease of Bone. You can watch them all by following this link.

Paget's Association's Educational Award

The Paget's Association's Educational Award 

The Paget's Association strives to educate patients, health professionals, and the public about Paget's Disease of Bone.

Applications are now invited for the Paget's Association's Educational Award, aimed at enhancing the education of health care professionals, patients, carers and the public about Paget’s Disease of Bone. Applications are welcome from UK-based individuals, at all levels.

Paget's Research Funding Available

Paget's Research Funding 2021

The Paget's Association funds research into various aspects of Paget's Disease of Bone. Applications are now closed.
The closing date
for all award applications was Monday 18th January 2021, 23:59 GMT.


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