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Paget's Awareness Day Quiz! 

We are hosting a Paget's Awareness Day quiz, giving you a chance to test your knowledge on our new video series and win a £25.00 shopping voucher!  

Simply answer the questions below, which are all about the series, based on a global perspective of Paget's disease released for Paget's Awareness Day.  You can watch the videos now by clicking here 

Before entering, please agree to the rules of entry, which can be found here.  The closing date will be the 28th January 2022 and entries after this time will not be accepted.


In our Paget’s Awareness Day 2022 video series, international experts discuss the genetic causes of Paget’s disease and also consider various possible environmental causes.

What did Dr Merlotti discuss in relation to Paget’s disease and the Campania region of Italy?

A high incidence of Paget’s disease is found in Quebec, in Canada. In her video interview, Dr Michou explained the link to the King's Daughters, who arrived in Quebec from France, between 1663 and 1673.

Which King sent them?

Dr Corral-Gudino discussed a big increase in Paget’s disease during the period between the nineties and the early two thousands.

Which of the following areas was he speaking about?

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