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For those with Paget's disease who require treatment, the current first-line bisphosphonate, due to its potency and prolonged duration of action, is zoledronate (zoledronic acid). It is the bisphosphonate most likely to relieve pain from active Paget’s disease. A single infusion of 5mg is given and over the following months, often normalises the abnormal bone remodelling. This single dose can be effective for many years. 

• 5 mg of Zoledronic acid intravenously over 15-30 minutes 

• One dose may be effective for many years

Paget's Clinical Guideline

You can download a PDF of the full Guideline here: *Diagnosis and Management of Paget’s Disease of Bone in Adults - A Clinical Guideline 2019 Alternatively, download a summary of the Guideline - Paget's Guideline Summary 2019


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