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Straightening my leg

Part 1 -  (from Paget's News May 2017)

I was diagnosed with Paget’s Disease of the right tibia in 2014, at the age of 55. I have had 3 intravenous bisphosphonate infusions at the RNOH, with a good result but I was left with the classic sabre-shaped bowing of the tibia, both forward and outwards. This was gradually damaging my knee and ankle joints, walking was painful and I needed to use a stick.

On 27th October 2016, a Consultant surgeon at the RNOH, who specialises in Limb Reconstruction, broke my right tibia and fibula (a double osteotomy) and fitted a Taylor Spatial Frame. We make daily adjustments to the frame, to bring the knee and ankle into the correct alignment and progressively straighten the tibia. The adjustment program is almost complete, then I expect to continue to wear the frame for another 4 months whilst the bone mends and strengthens. The pain is less acute now but caring for the pin sites and walking in the frame are not easy but it will be worth it. At the end, the hope is that my leg will be straight, I will be able to walk unaided, without pain and without further damaging my knee and ankle.

You can read part 2 in the Members' Area or watch this video to hear Simon explain his experience -

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