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Sabre tibia: This refers to the x-ray appearance of a bowed tibia (shinbone) resembling the curve of a sabre.

Scintigram: Also known as a radionuclide bone scan, an isotope bone scan or nuclear medicine bone scan, it can determine which bones have Paget’s disease and how active the disease is. The scan involves an injection into a vein of a small amount of a mildly radioactive chemical called an isotope. This travels to the bones via the bloodstream and a ‘gamma’ camera then scans the skeleton to produce an image. Abnormal bone absorbs more radioactivity than normal bone, so these areas will be highlighted on the scan results.

Sclerotic: Hardening or thickening of bone.

Secondary care: Specialist care, typically, but not always, provided in a hospital.

Spinal stenosis: Narrowing of the canal housing the spinal cord, commonly caused by encroachment of bone.

Spine: Column of 33 vertebrae extending from the base of the skull to the tip of the coccyx.

Sternum: Breastbone.

Stress fracture: A small crack in a bone. Sometimes known as a hairline fracture.

Surgeon: A doctor who specialises in performing operations.


Tam o’Shanter sign: A "Tam o' Shanter" is a Scottish hat. When the skull is x-rayed, the appearances of Paget’s disease can sometimes be similar in shape to that of the hat, therefore, this is known as the ‘Tam o’Shanter sign’.

Tertiary care: Healthcare provided in specialist centres. Consultants in tertiary care centres may have access to more specialised equipment and expertise for a particular condition. Referrals to tertiary services are usually made by your GP or a healthcare professional at your local hospital.

THR: Total Hip Replacement.

Tibia: Shinbone.

TKR: Total Knee Replacement

Translational research: The process of taking the findings from basic science and turning them into something that will be useful for patients, such as a new treatment or a new test for a particular condition.

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