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To receive a Paget's Information Pack, our quarterly magazine and many other benefits, why not become a member of the Paget's Association?

The Paget’s Information Pack includes:

  • Three Booklets: Paget’s Disease – The Facts, Investigations Explained and, Paget’s Disease and Pain.
  • A Paget's Passport to record details of how Paget's disease affects you, treatment, blood tests and more.
  • Our last 2 magazines containing information, news and discussion relevant to those who have Paget’s or have an interest in it.
  • Information sheets on various aspects of Paget’s disease, as well as a complete list of the UK Centres of Excellence.
  • An invitation to join our Support Network which will put you in touch with others.

The cost is as follows:

UK membership - £15 per annum for UK membership

Lifetime UK membership – a one-off fee of £150

Overseas membership – £20 per annum. - any address outside of the UK

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