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Pain Associated with Paget's Disease

Whilst not all those with Paget’s Disease of Bone experience pain. it is the commonest presenting symptom affecting up to more than two-thirds of people diagnosed with the condition. 

The site/s where pain occurs will depend on which bone or bones are affected by Paget's disease (pagetic bone).

Pain associated with Paget's disease may be directly related to the disease itself, e.g. as a consequence of increased bone turnover. 

Pain may be related to complications such as bone deformity, fractures, or nerve compression.

Pain can also be caused by a number of other conditions such as osteoarthritis, which is a common condition affecting the joints. Those with Paget’s are more prone to develop osteoarthritis at joints adjacent to the affected bone, due partly to the abnormal stresses placed on these areas by enlarged and misshapen pagetic bone. 

It is important to have pain, especially new or increasing pain assessed by your doctor.

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Paget’s Disease and Pain

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