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How is Joint Pain Related to Paget's Disease?

Osteoarthritis is a common condition and those with Paget’s Disease of Bone are more prone to develop it at joints adjacent to pagetic bone due partly to the abnormal stresses placed on these joints. For example, if the tibia (shin bone) becomes bowed, this will cause shortening of the leg resulting in gait (walking) problems that can place extra mechanical stresses on the ankle and knee joints.

When there are marked arthritic changes in a joint the joint surface becomes damaged, the underlying bone thickens, the cartilage becomes worn and eventually, bone surfaces will rub against each other. This leads to increased stiffness and pain, which is usually worse on moving the affected joint or on weight-bearing. Joint replacement is common in Paget's disease. These replacements can be very successful but the operation may be more technically challenging due to deformity and the altered bone quality.

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