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Paget's Jargon Buster G - H


Gait: The manner or style of walking. Paget’s disease can sometimes alter a person’s gait e.g., if the leg is bowed.

General practitioner (GP): Your local doctor who can help you directly but can also refer you for specialist care or assessment.

Gene: The basic unit of genetics. Genes influence what we look like on the outside and how we work on the inside. Genes are made of a chemical called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

Genetic mutation: A genetic mutation is a mistake in the DNA code that spells out the instructions coded by genes. These mistakes can be harmless and make us who we are but sometimes they can cause health problems. Some genetic mutations are inherited.

Genetic predisposition: A genetic predisposition means that a person’s gene code has given them an increased chance of developing a certain disease.

Genetics: The study of inherited characteristics, which determine a person's appearance and how our body works.




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