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Examples of Pain in Paget's Disease of Bone

Paget's disease can affect any bone but does not affect every bone in an individual. Pain in Paget's disease is then related to the specific bone/s that have Paget's.


Spine - If Paget's affects the spine, back pain is common and in many instances is likely to be related to degenerative (“wear and tear”) changes throughout the spine and not just Paget’s disease. Non-specific aches may arise from enlarged pagetic vertebrae (spinal bones). Sometimes enlarged vertebra may press on the spinal nerves leading to pain where the nerve travels to e.g. pain may be felt down the leg with possible loss of function.

Skull - When Paget’s disease affects the skull, it can be associated with pain in the form of headaches and sometimes a band-like tightness around the head resulting in an unpleasant sensation.

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