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Assessment of Paget's Disease

When Paget’s disease is suspected, it is important that there is a detailed assessment process, ideally carried out by a hospital consultant who understands the condition. The consultant will consider symptoms, enquire about any family history of the condition, and ensure that appropriate investigations are carried out.

Many rheumatologists and endocrinologists have the expertise to treat patients with Paget’s disease and it is likely that most hospitals in the UK have a specialist who can deal with the condition. If there is no specialist locally, then referral to one of the Paget’s Association Centres of Excellence might be worthwhile.

In some cases Paget’s disease does not cause any symptoms and requires no treatment, however, a good assessment is still necessary.

  • Treatment may be recommended if the affected bones are painful
  • Sometimes treatment is given if Paget's disease affects a site that might be expected to cause complications

The website of your local hospital may list your local specialists. They are often (not always) found in the rheumatology or endocrinology department. In some areas, there may be a metabolic bone centre or clinic.

Centres of Excellence

The Paget's Association has awarded Centre of Excellence status to several hospital and university departments which demonstrate excellence in both the treatment of Paget’s disease and research into the condition. Details can be found by following this link.

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